We’re hosting our Annual Estate and Antique Jewelry Show once again! This unique one day only show showcases a three million dollar collection of one of a kind and celebrity owned vintage pieces from the most famous eras of jewelry design.
Collectors recognize that as these items age, vintage jewelry officially becomes
“antique” when they turn 100 years in age and the price adjusts accordingly to its new status. Jewels with “provenance” or a documented history of ownership are also highly sought after. The show will be featuring jewelry from the likes of Liz Taylor, Elvis Presley, Greta Garbo, Hugh Hefner and more.
“Vintage jewelry has a certain romanticism that can’t be replicated in modern day jewels. Between the workmanship and the history- jewelry lovers and collectors love the bold looks and incredible value these pieces have to offer.”, says Dr. Peter Stavrianidis, principal of Venus Jewelers.
Jewelry from the most popular eras from the 1800’s to modern day treasures will be on display for viewers to try on, enjoy and learn about at Venus Jewelers located at 1024 Easton Avenue, Somerset, NJ, on Saturday, August 1st from 10-6pm. Admission is free and registration is recommended and includes entry into a drawing for a gift basket valued at $500. For more information about the show or to register, call 732.247.4454 or visit