A Blog by our very own, Dr. Peter Stavrianidis!

Dealing and searching for interesting estate jewelry can be quite unique. Identifying the components and the period of its origin can also be quite adventurous. It makes you travel through the ages trying to connect with the past and make a decision on which period it might represent. Is it Georgian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, or Art Deco? Today’s estate jewelry hunter must be pretty fluent with designs and must be able to recognize the styles of different jewelry visionaries such as Suzanne Belperron, Verdura, Jean Schlumberger, etc.



The jewelry estate connoisseur is usually a romantic who refuses to settle with the modern styles and is always on the search for the true authentic pieces of his favorite era. Replicas, no matter how well made they are, will not fulfill the true connoisseur’s point of view. He will only settle for the truth– the beauty and the provenance of that classic estate piece.

I have to admit I am one of those hunters who are always on the lookout for those rare estate pieces– the older the better. I have said it many times whenever I make one of my favorite presentations “The History of Jewelry from Antiquity to Modern Times” that I want to be an estate dealer and collector when I grow up!